What Adults Can Do
Making a Difference

We Can All Be Conservationists

Conservation isn’t just the work of experts. The Global Center aims to inspire and activate everyone. We can all be conservationists. We all have the power to make a difference. Find something that inspires you and then take a step to help.

What Adults Can Do
Taking a Step at Any Age

Adults have a lot of power to create change, and simply visiting this webpage is proof that you want to take action. Here are some ideas.

* Ask the politicians on your ballot about their conservation and climate change policies.

* Support protection of natural habitats. Habitat loss is one of the top threats facing biodiversity.

* Look for sustainable goods. From the food we eat to the clothes we buy, sustainable options are often available.

* Keep it local. Support local resourcing, shopping and dining whenever you can. Local purchases reduce the distance items need to travel before you buy them.

* Reduce waste in all forms, including plastics and food. Inefficient use of resources takes a toll on our natural world.

* Get an energy audit. Ask your local utility provider if they offer energy audits. Inspections sometimes include replacement lightbulbs and water fixtures, and the inspector will offer suggestions for ways to improve your home’s efficiency.

* Investigate transportation alternatives. Most forms of transportation require the use of fossil fuels. Try biking and walking more often and check out the mass transit options in your community.

To find more ways to make a difference, visit the Indianapolis Prize website for a list of steps you can take.