Saving Species
Saving Species

How Conservation Works

Conservation Action

Protecting Wild Species and Wild Spaces

The Global Center for Species Survival was born of a partnership between the Indianapolis Zoo and the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature for the purpose of supporting and connecting thousands of conservation experts working to secure a future for animals, fungi and plants by supporting conservation planning and action.

The Global Center team is comprised of conservation, communication and education experts who support the SSC with staff time, tools, information and resources that expand the capacity and success of the entire network.

Species Conservation Cycle
Assess, Plan, Act, Network, Communicate

The Species Conservation Cycle is made of five components, built on the Species Survival Commission (SSC) network and its efforts to value and conserve biodiversity through three essential functions: Assess, Plan and Act. This process is completed by communicating to a wide variety of audiences.

Species Conservation Cycle
Species Conservation Cycle
  • Assess

    Focus on monitoring species and informing the world about the status and trends of biodiversity, thus providing measures for the health of our biosphere.

  • Plan

    Aims to enhance collaborative, inclusive and science-based strategies, including policy change, to ensure the most effective species conservation actions.

  • Act

    Improve the status of biodiversity by convening and mobilizing actions involving governments, academia, civil society and the private sector.

  • Network

    Enhances and supports the SSC network to further significant outcomes across the species conservation cycle.

  • Communicate

    The effectiveness of IUCN’s species conservation work is enhanced through strategic and targeted communications.