Navigating Climate Change and Conservation

Polar Bears on Thin Ice

Podcast Guest: Dr. Steve Amstrup

Venture into the frozen realm of the Arctic with Dr. Steve Amstrup, a leading authority on polar bears, as we explore the profound impact of climate change on these iconic predators. Throughout our conversation, Dr. Amstrup draws from his extensive fieldwork experience, highlighting the urgent challenges posed by melting sea ice and the behavioral adaptations that polar bears are forced to make. Prepare to be captivated by tales from the frontline of wildlife research and discover the meticulous efforts behind tracking and conserving these majestic animals.

Dr. Amstrup’s journey from documenting polar bear population recovery to pioneering research in their conservation opens a window into the complex world of Arctic wildlife management. Our episode traverses the inventive process of immobilizing polar bears for study, the surprising discoveries from radio collaring, and the tricky techniques developed to observe these elusive giants. As sea ice retreats, we are offered a rare glimpse into the altered existence of polar bears and the innovative science that seeks to safeguard their future.

Steve speaks extensively about a recent publication tying greenhouse gas emissions to polar bear populations. You can find that study here.

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