Rewilding the Andes

Monkey Magic

Podcast Guest: Fanny Cornejo

From the moment Fanny Cornejo cradled a rescued baby howler monkey, her path in life became clear. Fanny, a dedicated primatologist and founder of Yunkawasi, shares her transformative journey and the conservation efforts she spearheads in Peru. Delving beyond adorable primate encounters, Fanny paints a vivid picture of the intersection between conservation and community empowerment, underscoring how education and sustainable practices can lead to a harmonious existence between humans and wildlife.

Have you ever considered the impact your morning cup of coffee has on the world’s primates? Fanny’s stories reveal the intricate connection between our daily choices and the survival of species like the yellow-tailed woolly monkey. Her candid discussion on the hurdles faced by women in the field of primatology sheds light on a broader struggle for equality in science. The episode is a celebration of local heroes and a call to action, illustrating how supporting eco-friendly agriculture can safeguard our planet’s biodiversity without breaking the bank.


Protect Species Podcast

This podcast is a production of the Global Center for Species Survival, which is a partnership between the Indianapolis Zoo and the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC). We record all episodes at the Indianapolis Zoo in the Bedel Financial Media Studio, made possible by a generous gift from Elaine and Eric Bedel.