Preserving our Precious Wetlands

Mayfly Missions

Podcast Guest: Dr. Luke Jacobus

Discover the ephemeral beauty of mayflies and the pressing need to conserve our precious wetlands with Dr. Luke Jacobus, whose boundless enthusiasm for Ephemeroptera and Indiana’s wetland ecosystems shines brightly in our latest conversation. As we wander through his journey from a curious child enthralled by the natural world to a professor and researcher safeguarding the state’s environmental heritage, you’ll be captivated by tales from the field and the dedication required to study these fleeting creatures. Dr. Jacobus’s experiences underscore the importance of understanding and protecting the diverse life that dwells within our own backyards, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all species, no matter how minute.

The story of Indiana’s wetlands is a poignant one, marked by loss yet filled with hope. We traverse through the history of altered landscapes, from the draining of Beaver Lake to the reshaping of the Kankakee River, shedding light on the struggle to preserve the remnants of these ecosystems. Dr. Jacobus highlights the critical roles wetlands play—beyond hosting biodiversity, they offer essential services such as water purification and flood control. Our discussion extends to the broader challenges of freshwater conservation and the significance of engaging stakeholders in a united effort to protect these environments for future generations.

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Indiana Wetlands

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This podcast is a production of the Global Center for Species Survival, which is a partnership between the Indianapolis Zoo and the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC). We record all episodes at the Indianapolis Zoo in the Bedel Financial Media Studio, made possible by a generous gift from Elaine and Eric Bedel.