The Real Threat to Our Oceans

From JAWS to Conservation

Podcast Guest: Dr. Rima Jabado

Dive beneath the surface with us as we bring to light the enchanting and perilous world of sharks, alongside the indomitable shark conservationist Dr. Rima Jabado. She’s not just making waves; she’s here to guide us through the blue abyss, unraveling myths and broadcasting a clarion call for the protection of these majestic creatures. Our conversation navigates from the spine-tingling theme of “JAWS” to the stark realities threatening shark populations, striking a balance between jest and the sobering urgency for marine conservation.

Throughout the episode, we traverse the diverse tapestry of marine life, spotlighting not only the apex predators of the sea but also the lesser-known species that are equally crucial to the oceanic ecosystem. Rima shares her journey from childhood wonder to conservation crusader, shedding light on the remarkable projects aimed at safeguarding our finned friends. We navigate the complexities of marine protected areas, the nuances of shark behavior, and the global challenges that loom large over the survival of these enigmatic species. In the midst of it all, we conjure the peculiar allure of the ocean’s more obscure residents, from the curious goblin shark to the vibrant freshwater stingrays.

Rima mentions the Elasmo Project, a non-profit initiative she founded in 2010 to encourage work in data-poor areas focused on investigating shark and ray fisheries and trade. She also recently launched the Important Shark and Ray Areas project to map critical habitats for these species around the world and support area-based management. Additionally, Rima is Deputy Chair of the IUCN SSC and the Chair of the Shark Specialist Group.

Protect Species Podcast

This podcast is a production of the Global Center for Species Survival, which is a partnership between the Indianapolis Zoo and the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC). We record all episodes at the Indianapolis Zoo in the Bedel Financial Media Studio, made possible by a generous gift from Elaine and Eric Bedel.