Charting the Course of Elephant Conservation

In the Footsteps of Giants

Podcast Guest: Vivek Menon

Have you ever dreamt of sporting an elephant’s trunk for a day, or perhaps fluttering around with butterfly wings? Our playful musings on such animal appendages kick off a journey into the heart of elephant conservation with Dr. Vivek Menon. The founder and executive director of the Wildlife Trust of India and chair of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group joins us, Dr. Monni Böhm and Justin Birkhoff, to share his origin story—from birdwatcher to elephant defender—and the formation of an organization that has blossomed into a global conservation powerhouse.

From a small spare bedroom operation to a force of 250 staff and 22 field stations, Dr. Menon unveils the extraordinary growth of the Wildlife Trust of India and its crusade against species decline. The man behind the mission also reveals how the shutter of a camera lens offers him solace and the unexpected ways social media has bridged his message with the next generation.

Wildlife Trust of India
IUCN SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group

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