Ornithology as a Gateway into Conservation

For the Birds

Podcast Guest: Dr. Sam Ivande

Soaring through the skies of conversation, we welcome our colleague Dr. Sam Ivande, the Bird Conservation Coordinator at the Global Center for Species Survival. He’s also a cardinal enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge about birds and community science. In a narrative that spans from personal connections to the environmental significance of our avian friends, Sam weaves a tapestry of anecdotes that reveal the profound kinship we share with birds. The gentle chirp of a backyard visitor, the silent glide of a distant raptor; our discussion illuminates the mosaic of human-bird relationships, from the simple joys of birdwatching to the complex challenges these creatures face due to human interference.

Like a bird takes flight on unexpected winds, Sam’s journey into conservation biology has been filled with twists and turns. How exactly did make his way from architecture to ornithology? Sam shares his passion for our feathered friends and the folks who are trying to protect them. Learn how birdwatching has created a flock of its own that’s filled with as much vibrance and diversity as we find among the birds themselves.

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