The Black Cats of ZooBoo

The Black Cats of ZooBoo


published Oct. 5, 2023

Black cats are the most recognized domestic cat. Some know them for their solid black coat and bright yellow eyes whereas others know them for their connection to the Halloween season. But how did black cats get their connection to the popular holiday? It all began with the Puritan Piligrams, they distrusted anything affiliated with witches and sorcery, this included the black cat. Throughout history, many grew to believe that black cats were considered a symbol of “bad luck” if they crossed your path or that they were a witch in disguise. Decorators would use black cats on Halloween night to add an unsettling ambience to their front steps, as an effort to spook trick-or-treaters.

But not to worry, all those myths are just a bunch of hocus pocus. Black cats are vigilant and intelligent felines, they’ve been believed to be a source of good luck in Great Britain and Japan. Black cats can also be observant, faithful, loving and loyal pets. In fact, did you know that you can adopt a black kitten during ZooBoo? In 2020, the Indianapolis Zoo partnered with Indy Animal Care Services to give guests the opportunity to not just adopt a furry new friend during ZooBoo but to learn more about the adoption process and proper animal care for first time adopters.

“Our adoption process is easy!” Said Roxie Randall, Senior Animal Care Technician at Indy Animal Care Services. “Our pre-adoption questionnaire is online, at Once that has been submitted, the adopter’s next step is to visit the shelter to speak with adoption staff.” This year at ZooBoo, we have three black kittens, two male and one female, that are available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting, but are a first-time kitten owner, Randall says “First time kitten adopters should know that kittens have lots of energy! Some enjoy climbing and hiding so cat trees are encouraged. At the shelter we offer dry and canned food to our kittens and cats. This is a good practice for in the home as cats gain most of their hydration from their food.”

If you’re an animal lover, but not quite ready for adoption there are other ways to be involved with Indy Animal Care Services. “The community can adopt from the shelter, apply to become a foster and volunteer,” said Randall. “They can also donate through the Friends of Indy Animals, also following and sharing our social media posts is a great way that everyone can help at the shelter.”

For more information on adoption and community involvement visit:

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