Round Up for Conservation
Your Change has the Power to Make Change

Round Up for Conservation


Did you know your spare change can make a big difference for conservation? Next time you’re visiting the Zoo and stop in at the gift shop to find the perfect plush, round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and you’ll be helping protect wild things and wild places.

In 2019, the Zoo’s Round Up for Conservation supports SECORE International’s Curacao Conservation Project. SECORE focuses on developing technologies and procedures to restore coral reefs and is seen as a pioneer in implementing larval coral reestablishment in the Caribbean.

SECORE’s research team in Curacao has access to reefs with high abundance and diversity of coral species, providing multiple spawning events each year — opportunities for research on coral reproduction and early life history, both of which are needed to expand restoration to match the species on the reef.

The Curacao team helps test new tools for efficient outplanting and distributes those best practices and techniques through workshops and partnerships with other marine scientists and organizations.

The program, which first began in 2017, successfully collected more than $5,100 for the Alaska SeaLife Center — the rehabilitation center that first cared for walrus Pakak — in its first year.

In 2018, the initiative proved even more successful, thanks to generous Zoo visitors like you! Collected change totaled more than $22,000 to support the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF).

Learn more about all the conservation efforts the Zoo supports.

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