Lemur Troop Baby Boom
Our Lemur troop is having a baby boom! 

Baby Boom


Our ring-tailed lemur troop welcomed one more to the baby bunch, which is now up to four this spring! Sheridon gave birth June 4 and while we don’t yet know the baby’s gender, you can look for the newcomer riding on mom’s belly.

The newest arrival joins three other baby lemurs born earlier this year. Bree gave birth to twins, boys named Murphy and Owen, on March 14. Twins are not common, however this is the second year in a row Bree has had twins. The first baby lemur of 2018, a girl named Nora, was born back on March 6.

The Zoo’s troop of lemurs has adapted to the newcomers and welcomed all the babies.

Native to the island of Madagascar, these endangered animals live in large, highly social groups led by a dominant female. Following a pregnancy that lasts around 20 weeks, females typically give birth to a single infant, though twins will happen occasionally.

Although males often leave the troop once they reach maturity, females typically remain in the same family group throughout their lifetime. In fact, Teagan, Bree’s daughter born in 2013, is still part of the Zoo’s troop.

Zoo Babies are presented by Hendricks Regional Health.

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