Meet the pod’s newest member
New dolphin makes a splash

Hemingway Joins the Pod


The newest member of our dolphin pod is sure to make a splash. 7-year-old Hemingway made his way to Indianapolis from a nonprofit dolphin conservation center in Florida, and has quickly settled into his new home.

Hemingway spends the majority of his time with Orin, as young male dolphins form bachelor groups, and can often be found with a variety of enrichment items like hoops and Kong toys. Named after the famous author Ernest Hemingway, he’s eager to work with trainers who are enjoying getting to know more about his personality. They have described him as brilliant, thoughtful, curious and full of energy.

Hemingway joins nine other common bottlenose dolphins inside the St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion. Guests can tell him apart by his slender body, which is darker in color, along with a bump on his chin and pointed tail flukes.

Keep an eye out for Hemingway on your next visit as he continues to explore new areas! Learn more about all the dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo here.

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