Ginsu is New in Plains
Our 8-year-old cape porcupine arrived recently from Philadelphia Zoo

Ginsu is the Newest Member of our Plains Family


The newest member of our Plains family is likely to make guests bristle with excitement. Ginsu is an 8 year-old male cape porcupine who arrived in Indianapolis from the Philadelphia Zoo in early March and is currently exploring his new home.

Zookeepers say Ginsu is very laid back and prefers to eat his apples before the rest of his meal. He also enjoys nibbling on fresh-cut mulberry branches and young hawthorn twigs.

The largest of all porcupine species, cape porcupines are social animals, and Ginsu is already getting to know our female, Piper. Ginsu is distinguishable because he is missing his right eye, which he lost due to an injury he received in Philadelphia. However, he seems to be adjusting well to his new home, which he’ll also share with our male warthog, Kazi.

Common throughout Africa’s rocky hills, grasslands and savannas, cape porcupines have a dazzling array of beautiful, black and white quills — sometimes growing nearly a foot long! When porcupines are relaxed, their quills flow flat behind them. However, if they sense danger, porcupines can raise their sharp quills to deter any would-be predators.

Visit Ginsu in the porcupine habitat near the exit of our Plains area.

Porcupine Ginsu
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