What Kids Can Do
Making a Difference

We Can All Be Conservationists

Conservation isn’t just the work of experts. The Global Center aims to inspire and activate everyone. We can all be conservationists. We all have the power to make a difference. Find something that inspires you and then take a step to help.

What Kids Can Do
Taking a Step at Any Age

You don’t need to be an adult to contribute to the conservation of animals, fungi and plants. There are plenty of ways for kids to get involved. Here are some ideas.

* Plant a garden. Even growing frequently used herbs in your kitchen can make a difference. When cooking together as a family, use that time to talk about where our food comes from.

* Get outside! It sounds simple, but observing nature is the first step in protecting it. Take notes on what you see and make sure to look for all the little things. Remember that it’s best to leave animals, fungi and plants where you find them.

* Create a space in your home for sorting recyclable items and talk with family members about what can and what can’t be recycled. Remember that some items, like clothes and electronics, are suitable for donations or could be sold at a yard sale.

* Turn off the lights and water. Using less electricity and water is something we can all make an effort to do. If you’re not using it, turn it off.

To find more ways to make a difference, visit the Indianapolis Prize website for a list of steps you can take.