Biodiversity Conservation: A Global Priority

Sep 26 - Oct 4

Biodiversity Conservation: A Global Priority

7 PM

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Indianapolis Prize Lecture Series
  • Franklin College, Evening Lecture – Branigin Room, Napolitan Student Center ● Wednesday, Sept. 26 ● 7pm ● Franklin, IN ● Free event ● RSVP here
  • DePauw University, Lunch Lecture – Memorial Student Union, Ballroom ● Thursday, Sept. 27 ● 11:30am ● Greencastle, IN ● Free event ● RSVP here
  • Butler University, Evening Lecture – Schrott Center for the Arts ● Monday, Oct. 1 ● 7:30pm ● Indianapolis, IN ● Free event
  • Indiana University, Evening Lecture – Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, Grand Hall ● Tuesday, Oct. 2 ● 7pm ● Bloomington, IN ● Free event
  • Harvard University Museums of Science & Culture, Evening Lecture – Geological Lecture Hall ● Thursday, Oct. 4 ● 6pm ● Cambridge, MA ● Free event

The Indianapolis Prize Lecture Series provides an inspirational and educational platform for young inquisitive minds, the public and professionals in our community to understand the work and determination it takes to save a species. Participants will learn what inspired the Winner to become a scientist and how they raised awareness for our planet’s biodiversity. Guests will have the opportunity to ask questions about the challenges, struggles and successes the Winner has faced through their career.

Biodiversity is the sum total of life on Earth, a living legacy to future generations.  What is more, it is an essential underpinning for all human development since, as living creatures ourselves, we depend on the natural world in countless ways.  Sadly, biodiversity is being lost almost everywhere on our planet, especially in tropical forests, the richest of all terrestrial ecosystems.

Dr. Russ Mittermeier is a global conservation hero working to protect those incredible places and the species that call them home. A biologist and lifelong conservationist with more than 45 years in the field, Mittermeier is as comfortable in the boardroom as he is in the jungle. Through his quest to save biodiversity hotspots he’s traveled across 169 countries, discovered more than 20 species new to science and even has eight named after him!

In this presentation, Dr. Mittermeier discusses why we should be concerned about other life forms with which we share our planet, how we set priorities for conservation action, and where we have succeeded in achieving our objectives.  He will, in particular, focus on nonhuman primates, our closest living relatives, 90 percent of which are found in tropical forests, and the strategies employed by Dr. Mittermeier and the IUCN Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group over the past 40 years

Special thanks to The Heritage Group for supporting Indianapolis Prize outreach events.

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