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Panama Trip

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Nov. 7-14 2021

A Panama adventure to a tropical paradise full of sloths, birds, and amphibians

Even though it is the thinnest Central American country, Panama is bursting with diverse wildlife in its vast tropical forests. Visit an 827-acre nature reserve with more than 300 bird species, travel to El Nispero Zoo to see conservation work being done to save over 60 species of frogs and complete your trip by seeing first-hand a sloth sanctuary supported by your Indianapolis Zoo! You’ll see tropical animals of all shapes and sizes, including the spider monkey, ocelot, golden frog and other species that cannot be found outside Panama. Plus, all Zoo travelers will visit the mesmerizing Miraflores Locks with observation decks for watching ships pass through the famed Panama Canal that stretches 80 kilometers long. An adventure in vivid color awaits you!

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