Ring-tailed Lemur Troop Grows by Two!

Ring-tailed Lemur Troop Grows by Two!


Our lemur troop has grown by two, as Bree gave birth to twins on March 14! Although the genders are still unknown, we are happy to announce that mom and both lemur babies are doing great. Twins are not common, however this is the second year in a row Bree has had twins. Her sons Rooney and Quigley, who were born last April, are still part of our troop. An experienced mom, Bree is attentive with the new babies. The Zoo’s troop of lemurs has adapted to the newcomers and welcomed the babies.  

Native to the island of Madagascar, these endangered animals live in large, highly social groups led by a dominant female. Following a pregnancy that lasts around 20 weeks, females typically give birth to a single infant, though twins will happen occasionally.

Although males often leave the troop once they reach maturity, females typically remain in the same family group throughout their lifetime. In fact, Teagan, Bree’s daughter born in 2013, is still part of the Zoo’s troop.

You can see the two new lemur babies later this spring when it is warm and sunny outside!

Zoo Babies are presented by Hendricks Regional Health.

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