Zooper Challenge

​​​​​​​​Discover the Zookeeper in You!

Included with Total Adventure Package


Think you have what it takes to be a zookeeper? Upgrade your visit with a Total Adventure Package™ and explore the Indianapolis Zoo in an all-new way. Zooper Challenge is the interactive game experience that puts you into virtual zookeeper training for the day. Using your Total Adventure Package (TAP) wristband you'll unlock 14 animal stations and six keeper kiosks across the Zoo, for an amazing experience. Discover virtual animals that need your care, utilize behind-the-scenes information and answer exciting questions to show your zoo smarts. By the end of the adventure you'll receive an award for your efforts, and you just might work your way up to head keeper! [more…]

Our real life zookeepers work extremely hard each day to provide professional care for animals. Important duties such as feeding, cleaning, enrichment, monitoring animal health, and educating the visitors are all part of a zookeeper's daily job. You can find out more information about working in zoos, aquarium or other places studying animal behavior by visiting the careers page of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums website.​ [close]