Travel the World with the Indianapolis Zoo

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​​​Botswana • ​June 17-27, 2016 • Trip itinerary

Often referred to as the "Animal Kingdom's Water Wilderness," Botswana is adventure wrapped in luxury in the middle of Okavango's wetland wilderness of looping channels, palm forested islands, and wide grassy floodplains. Look out for lions, cheetahs, leopards and other predators. 

Explore the Savuti area, famous for its lions which have been documented in National Geographic films. Discover the region's rich birdlife where Pel's fishing owl, slaty egret, and wattled crane can be sighted with regularity. 

If you still crave to see more, there is an optional post-extension to the breath-taking Livingstone and Victoria Falls, Zambia. 

For more trip details, please review the trip itinerary. ​For information about reserving your spot on the trip, please contact Jennifer Barker at or 317-630-2014.​​

​America's ​​Greatest National Parks • ​June 20-25, 2016 • Trip itinerary

Are you ready to explore the last frontiers of Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada? Join the Indianapolis Zoo on a visit America's national parks – a discovery of wildlife and a trip back in history. Explore rocky canyon trails, imposing mountain ranges and marvel at a myriad of meteors showering the night sky.

During your journey you'll scan the plains for grizzly bears, coyotes, wolves, elk and perhaps even an elusive moose, plus experience famous highlights like Old Faithful!

And if you want to continue reliving the days of fearless first settlers, gold miners and traders extend your trip to see the parks of the southwest!

Check out all the travel details in the itinerary, and for more information on how you can travel with the Zoo, contact Jennifer Barker at 317-630-2014 or

Ecuador • Oct. 9-20, 2017 • Trip itinerary

Ecuador may be one of South America's smallest countries but it is full of beautiful coastal plains, highlands, tropical rainforests and other environmental treasures. Join the Indianapolis Zoo in exploring rich culture and amazing animals including tortoises, flamingos, Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants and many more.

During your adventure you will visits many breath-taking sites, including Cotopaxi — the highest active volcano in the world.

For those interested in extending the trip, there is a pre-extension option to the Mashpi Rainforest as well as a post-extension option to Peru.

More details are available in the trip itinerary. For more information on traveling with the Zoo, contact Jennifer Barker at or 317-630-2014.​​