Lion Awareness Day presented by MainSource Bank

​​​Check back for 2018 event details!

It was a roarin' good time at Lion Awareness Day this year, presented by MainSource Bank!

Guests visited our lion habitat in Plains for special animal chats, family activities and more.

We offered two lion chats to introduce Nyack, Zuri and their three cubs, males ​​Enzi and ​Mashaka and female Sukari. The cubs are almost 2 years old, and it's easy to see their playful personalities! Plus, training demonstration​s showcased their incredible strength, agility and a range of different behaviors that help Zookeepers provide our pride with excellent health care. 

The "mane" event also included complimentary lion face painting and special prizes, all while guests hear about the importance of lion conservation.

Here at the Zoo, guests are often awestruck by a lion's powerful presence, so it's no surprise that lions have been a symbol of strength for centuries. But despite their symbolic and natural importance, their numbers in the wild have been in declide for the past two decades and are now down to only 20,000. Our event, which is held on the weekend prior to World Lion Day, is the perfect time to understand and appreciate this incredible species and find out how you can play a part in protecting their future.